I give Dr. Shannon Joseph a five star review. She is the very best oculofacial plastic surgeon around. She is highly educated well-trained very honest a superiorly skilled surgeon and has a wonderful bed-side manner. She was able to fix a complex problem of my lower lid which I had been battling with for 20 some years. I had multiple surgeries done by other plastic surgeons over the years to correct the problem. Unfortunatley the problem was never resolved and was further exacerbated both cosmetically and functionally. I pretty much had given up until I met Dr. Joseph! Thank goodness for Dr. Joseph! Finally at last the surgery she performed was a success and has restored my self-confidence in how I look and how my eye feels/functions. If you are contemplating any type of surgery of the eye – medical or cosmetic Dr. Joseph is the surgeon you want.So grateful for Dr. Joseph!Joanne

Joanne E.
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