Closeup photograph of a person's green and brown eye


1-2 Weeks

Surgery Length

1-1.5 Hours

Anesthesia Type




Why Might a Patient Need Eye Removal Surgery?

There are a few different reasons for which ophthalmologists may refer patients to an oculofacial plastic surgeon for eye removal surgery. These may include:

  • chronic pain in a blind eye
  • severe and irreparable trauma to the eye
  • cancer in the eye
  • uncontrolled infection of the eye
What Are the Different Types of Eye Removal Surgery? How Are They Performed?
  • Enucleation involves removal of the eyeball, and placement of a round silicone implant into the socket to restore volume. The implant is attached to the eye muscles, allowing for it to move in a similar manner to the eye. The pink tissue of the eye (conjunctiva) is then sutured over the implant.
  • Evisceration involves removal of the cornea and the contents of the eyeball but leaving behind the wall of the eyeball (the sclera). The eye muscles remain attached to the sclera. The round silicone implant is placed behind the sclera into the socket to restore volume. The pink tissue of the eye (conjunctiva) is then sutured over the sclera.


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