1-2 Weeks

Surgery Length

1-1.5 Hours

Anesthesia Type



Usually Covered

What is Ptosis Repair Surgery?

Eyelid ptosis occurs when the upper eyelid droops because of weakness in the muscle that lifts the upper eyelid. When the upper eyelid ptosis is severe, it can block peripheral vision. Ptosis surgery can be performed to tighten the upper eyelid muscle, thereby lifting the upper eyelid back to the ideal anatomic position. This can improve the peripheral vision, bring more light into the vision, as well as improve the appearance of the upper eyelid.


How is a ptosis repair surgery performed?

There are various surgical approaches to ptosis surgery. The exact technique that is chosen is customized based on the individual patient and cause of ptosis.

  • Internal ptosis surgery (conjunctivomuellerectomy) can be performed for certain patients by tightening the eyelid lifting muscle from underneath the upper eyelid. This procedure results in no skin incisions.
  • External ptosis surgery is usually performed for patients with more severe ptosis. The incision is meticulously hidden within the upper eyelid crease. The attachment of the eyelid lifting muscle is then identified and advanced.  The muscle is then sutured into a new position, allowing the eyelid to be elevated.
  • The frontalis sling procedure is reserved for patients with the most severe types of ptosis and with poorly functioning eyelid lifting muscles. A silicone band is implanted through tiny incisions to mechanically couple the upper eyelid and the eyebrow. This procedure then allows patients to more easily open the upper eyelids by lifting their eyebrows.


Schedule a Consultation

If you are interested in whether ptosis repair surgery would be appropriate for you, please contact us to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Shannon S. Joseph. She will listen to your concerns and perform a comprehensive evaluation and meticulous measurements of your eyelids. Dr. Joseph will then work together with you to build a surgical treatment plan that’s designed specifically for you, your anatomy, and your goals. We take care of patients from Troy, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Rochester Hills, Rochester, and the rest of Metro Detroit and Southeastern Michigan.