I could not imagine having anyone else handle my treatment for TED. Dr Joseph’s kind heart and reassuring voice guided me through some rough could not stop the tears if ya paid me appointments with her while TED was still actively attacking and I just wanted it to be over. As well Dr Joseph’s expertise and her brilliant surgical abilities have provided me with courage with fortitude and albeit baby steps with definite success; ensuring me that there can be a life well lived after remission sets in and she was able to get to work. Now as we are nearing the finish line in the treatment of this dreadful disease I’m elated that nearly 5 years later the end is in sight…. Yet when I get to thinking about it too much I get a little melancholy at the realization I will no longer need to make the 3+ hour trip across this great state to see her every few months…. yeah that’s gonna be a heart hurt for sure.

Carri W.
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