Shannon S. Joseph, MD

Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon
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(947) 217-FACE (3223)
Fellowship Certification: American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Board Certification: American Academy of Ophthalmology
Fellowship: University of Michigan Oculoplastic Surgery
Residency: Johns Hopkins Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Medical School: Johns Hopkins University
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Patients choose Dr. Shannon S. Joseph as their oculofacial plastic surgeon because she:

  • has years of experience and expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures exclusively of the eyes and face.
  • is a board-certified ophthalmologist and has a keen understanding of the health of the eyes and vision. Dr. Joseph always prioritizes the safety and health of the eyes in surgical planning.
  • has trained and practiced as an attending surgeon at top medical institutions in the country including Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute and the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center.
  • has been involved in cutting-edge research and education, having published extensively in the scientific literature, and invited to lecture nationally and internationally to share her expertise.
  • is known for her honesty and integrity as a physician and surgeon by her colleagues and patients
  • has most of her patients referred to her by other doctors and happy patients who attest to the superb results of her work
  • is experienced in taking care of ethnically diverse groups of patients and is accustomed to promoting beauty that is tailored to each culture, ethnicity, and patient
  • is passionate about her work and making a positive impact on patients’ lives

At the one-on-one consultation, Dr. Joseph: 

  • personally meets and provides a comprehensive evaluation for each patient in consultation
  • takes her time and carefully listens to each patient’s expectations and goals
  • works together with each patient to design a plan that is fully tailored to their needs
  • treats each patient like her family and is committed to providing patients with the highest quality care and optimal result

For patients undergoing oculofacial plastic surgery, both cosmetic and reconstructive, Dr. Joseph: 

  • personally performs all surgeries, from start to finish
  • is known by her colleagues and patients for her thoroughness, meticulous attention to detail, a gentle touch, and gifted hands
  • has a keen aesthetic eye and is committed to giving every patient the most graceful and naturally beautiful result
  • has extensive experience with the most advanced, minimal-invasive, and safe techniques for surgery involving the eyes and face
  • uses the finest and most precise surgical instruments specifically designed for surgery around the eyes and face

For patients choosing non surgical facial rejuvenation treatments, Dr. Joseph: 

  • personally performs all treatments and injections
  • is highly experienced in Botox and facial filler injections, especially around the eyes, which is an area with complex anatomy and requires special expertise and extensive experience
  • uses extra fine small gauge needles to minimize discomfort during Botox injections
  • uses the minimally invasive blunt tip cannula technique for facial filler injections to ensure optimal outcome and safety.
  • specializes in offering results that are graceful and naturally beautiful

Why Do Patients Choose Our Concierge-Style Boutique Practice?

Patients choose our concierge-style boutique practice because we:

  • treat each patient like our family and are here to ensure their experience is pleasant and stellar from start to finish.
  • value our patients’ time and make it a priority to provide patients excellent access to care with minimal wait time.
  • are here to listen to our patients and help address all the issues they would want addressed.
  • are committed to patient education. We provide information in a way that patients can understand and ensure all our patients’ questions are answered so that they feel fully informed and comfortable with every step of their care.

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Your face is one of the most complex and cosmetically as well as functionally important areas of your body.  We understand how important this decision is for our patients considering cosmetic or reconstructive facial surgery. Dr. Shannon S. Joseph is a Johns Hopkins and University of Michigan trained, board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon with years of experience and expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery exclusively of the eyes and face. Our concierge-style boutique practice serves patients in Metro Detroit with many patients from Birmingham, Bloomfield, West Bloomfield, Troy, Rochester, and the Rochester Hills areas. Contact us to schedule a consultation.