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Do you feel like you have droopy eyelids? Are your eyebrows sagging?

Facial aging is a natural process that, over time, can cause sagging of the eyebrows and droopy eyelids. In severe cases, this can even lead to blockage of your peripheral vision and affect your daily activities.

Drooping upper eyelids can be due to the following factors:

  • Excessive redundant upper eyelid skin
  • Enlarged or prolapsed upper eyelid fat pads
  • Prolapsed lacrimal glands
  • Heavy droopy eyebrows pushing down on the upper lids
  • Detached or poorly functioning eyelid lifting muscle

It is very important to determine which of these factors apply to you so that you can undergo the proper treatment to restore a youthful appearance and improve your peripheral vision.

Dr. Shannon S. Joseph and Dr. Andrew W. Joseph are specialized oculofacial and facial plastic surgeons who have extensive experience treating the eyelids and surrounding area. At your one-on-one consultation, our surgeons will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your face and especially the areas around your eyes. Your surgeon will then work together with you to design a treatment plan tailored specifically to you.

The many surgical and nonsurgical options to rejuvenate the upper eyelids and brows include:

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